Egg loves

As mum decided to abandon me this weekend to go away with dad, I have decided to compile a list of my favourite everyday things! First is my Bizzy bites toy- I LOVE this it is so yummy!!! I just can’t control myself around it, I have tried and tried to bite it but it […]

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In sickness and in health

I have had a fairly chilled week as mum hasn’t been feeling 100%, on Friday she was really sick, I didn’t think we were going to make it to the show we had planned- but thankfully we did with a little help from dad! I had my fifth water treadmill session this week, and I […]

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Overcoming mistakes

After last weeks mistakes when going against the clock, we concentrated our training this week on correcting them. Mum set up a pole exercise on Tuesday, it was 5 strides to each pole. She asked me to wait to fit extra strides in, as well as continue to ask for flying changes. I am getting […]

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A case of four-fault-itus

I’ve had a very busy week this week! Mum and I practised our grid jumping on Tuesday to try and get me straight, and improve my agility. Mum has her go-to grid which she sets up- we start with a pole to a cross pole, this is set up with 3 yards in between them. […]

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Not my weekend

So mum bought me a salt lick on Thursday, I never really liked the ones I had at my old yard- mum hung it in my stable, and I wasn’t really interested in it, as suspected. But she asked another girl on the yard to keep an eye on it, as I do have a […]

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Jump off training

In preparation for the show this weekend mum set up the exercise belowThe black lines are all fences, and the blue dots are jumps wings (Apologies for the basic drawing- mum is no designer!) you can mix it up and put in a double if you like, or have more oxers etc. With our limited […]

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