Accidents happen!

So this week didn’t quite go to plan, it started off well, and as planned mum and I worked on my flying changes. I really struggle with the whole concept of this, and after trying every exercise she knew, mum resorted to getting some advice from her friends.

The first exercise was to turn on a 10m circle back to the fence line and ask for a change, the fence is meant to back me off and get me sitting back on my hindquarters making the change easier. This helped a bit, but I kept thinking mum wanted me to jump the fence out of the arena- which I thought was strange- but I was up for giving it a go!

The second exercise is where we had a break through, mum put four poles in a square and cantered me through them, asking for the change over the first then by the second pole I made the change, I managed a few true changes and I think this whole flying change thing is starting to make sense. I am fairly sure I will have this nailed in no time.

I then had the dentist out- as I have been feeling the sharp edges a little- mum usually gets me done every 6 months as she says I am very sensitive, but it has been 7 months since my last check. When Jon arrived and unloaded his steel buckets, and tools, I was very unsure about the whole thing. Then Jon came in and introduced himself, which I thought was very nice, so I give him a chance. He only used manual tools and in no time had taken off all the sharp edges. The difference is amazing and my mouth feels a whole lot better and I can listen to mums aids a lot easier too. It’s handy as mum goes to the dentist every 6 months too, we are now due at the same time so she can’t forget next time 🙂

I went to my second water treadmill session on Saturday, and it was no where near as scary as the first time. I was a little put off when the girls didn’t feed me treats as soon as I was on the treadmill, but happy to say they made up for it at the end- here is a link to my my second attempt- I loved splashing the water around and kept seeing if I could splash mum (I managed quite a few times!)

Vinnie (my stable pal) went on second this time, so mum loaded me up on the box- what mum doesn’t know is there were invisible monsters living in the last partition of our horsebox (I don’t like travelling there with them) So I made a hasty exit from the box jumping almost in one go to the bottom of the ramp where I broke the lorry ramp….mum wasn’t too impressed so I thought it would be best not to mess around anymore.


After mum and dad checked the rest of the ramp it was decided it was safe enough to load us on, but we had to avoid stepping anywhere near the hole I created.

We waited for Vinnie to finish his session then very carefully loaded Vinnie on first (he doesn’t mind the monsters), and I was lead up very carefully into my partition which I was happy about. We were super careful getting off the box to avoid the hole I made, and happy to say we both got home safe and sound.

Mum had planned to take me out today to teach me about jump offs, but wasn’t happy taking me with the ramp as it is- she says she will do her best to get it fixed before the next show planned. I am keeping my hooves crossed as its been a few weekends now that I haven’t been to a show, and I get bored when I am not out competing.

I guess life doesn’t always go to plan, and mum spent her Sunday creating a Water jump for me instead- I don’t know what this is, but she says I am going to start finding them in the ring. So she wants to teach me how to jump them at home first- I love learning new things so I am excited to learn about this new type of jump. That’s all for this week guys- I will catch up again next Sunday.

Love Egg 🙂



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