Jump off training

In preparation for the show this weekend mum set up the exercise belowturn up exerciseThe black lines are all fences, and the blue dots are jumps wings (Apologies for the basic drawing- mum is no designer!) you can mix it up and put in a double if you like, or have more oxers etc. With our limited amount of jumps at home we worked on this set up.

As I haven’t really gone against the clock, mum wanted me to get used to turning up to a few fences. As well as getting used to making some fast turns after fences, without leaving my back legs on the top rail.

We started with some fairly simple lines through the exercise, keeping the lines fairly loose, so going from one end of the arena to the other on gentle loops. We then started doing a kind of figure of 8 over the jumps jumping the oxer in the middle. I still don’t understand landing on the correct leg, and this is a great exercise to help with that too.

Once fully warmed up mum started turning me up to fences, jumping the vertical at the top of the arena a sharp right turn back inside the oxer and over the vertical- followed by a sharp left turn and gallop down to the vertical at the other end of the arena and a turn back to the oxer to jump that on an angle.

I got this wrong a couple of times my legs didn’t keep up with my head, but I soon figured out the turn up section, and the angles were fairly easy for me.

Mum was planning on using a few V poles to keep me central over the fence, but I didn’t need them, but if you need to back your horse off the fence a little these can be a great option. As can guide poles coming in to the fence, and going away from the fence.  This clearly marks your turn which can help a horse that isn’t as balanced as me!

I feel quite confident in my turns now and I can’t wait to try them out on the weekend- good news, the lorry was fixed incredibly quickly although they did have to replace the whole wood section on the ramp. Mum says I better win some of the money back- so that’s my plan for Saturday- maybe she’ll buy me a few more treats with the prize money as well!!


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