Not my weekend

So mum bought me a salt lick on Thursday, I never really liked the ones I had at my old yard- mum hung it in my stable, and I wasn’t really interested in it, as suspected. But she asked another girl on the yard to keep an eye on it, as I do have a destructive track record.


Mum then attempted to take a #nafponyselfie with me and my electrolytes that I love- especially during summer. I think we got a good photo straight of the bat, so decided to knock the tub off my stable door- it doesn’t belong there! Mum jumped to try and catch it but missed and the tub broke- I thought it was hilarious- Mum wasn’t too happy cleaning it all up- but she can’t be mad me, I’m just too cute!

So after mum left, and none was on the yard, I went to town on my salt lick and within 20 mins it was destroyed. The girl on the yard came back from riding her horse and was so shocked to see there was practically nothing left. When mum saw it the next day, she said she had never seen a horse destroy a salt lick like I did- I’m quite proud of that- I am taking it as a compliment.


We went happy hacking on Friday before the show. as the school was too dry to ride in, we had such a lovely morning ride catching up with another stable pal Dino on the way.

Saturday was show day mum arrived at lunch to give me my normal bath, and had her regular moan about me being grey and how dirty I am! Show ready, we headed off to our local show Parwood- we gave Edward a lift too. He belongs to Kate the lady who runs the yard, until he arrived I was the biggest horse on the yard- but he towers over me.

What mum didn’t know at this point, was when I destroyed the salt lick I cut inside my mouth, I am very sensitive if anything is slightly wrong. I tried to tell mum when we were warming up by charging into the fences, but she just thought I was happy to be back at a show which I was, but that wasn’t why I was going so fast I was trying to get away from the bit touching the cut.

We went in the ring, and I got faster and faster as the round went on, I didn’t want to slow down so mum decided to try and take a stride out down a distance to a double as she couldn’t stop me. But I decided I wasn’t brave enough to jump in when we were going that fast, so mum circled and we came back round to finish with just the four faults. Mum gave me a pat after we finished, and walked me off to cool down. Knowing I am never that speedy she decided to check me over, and found the little cut just inside my mouth on my cheek. I was so relieved when she found it, as I knew in no time it will be feeling better.

I’ve had a very chilled Sunday out in the field, and for once behaved myself and stayed in the field I was put in. Mum came down to put the cream on my cheek, I hate it when she does it, but I know it helps so I allow it. She tried some weird bridle on me tonight, it didn’t have a bit. I think she is planning on riding me in it next week, so we might have some interesting things to tell you about then!

Have a great week everyone, and catch up soon đŸ™‚


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