Overcoming mistakes

After last weeks mistakes when going against the clock, we concentrated our training this week on correcting them.

Mum set up a pole exercise on Tuesday, it was 5 strides to each pole. She asked me to wait to fit extra strides in, as well as continue to ask for flying changes. I am getting so much better at this- making consistent true changes to the right, and starting to change on the left- it has always been my worst side- but at least I am starting to get it now.


After going on a bitting day with Dave Myler a couple of months ago, mum bought me a new Myler bit. When she understood more about these bits she wanted to try me in one, and asked for advice based on the problems we had- where I used to hang just behind the bit, or throw my head in the air. We started in the Myler snaffle last week, and every day I feel better in it. It wasn’t a magic solution, but I don’t feel the pressure on my tongue that I felt before, so I am a lot happier to go into the bridle- rather than hang behind it. However- my go to evasion from mum is to lock my right shoulder, and with independent movement in the sides of the bit, I can’t do it anymore!! I think this is a good thing, as my changes are already improving, and I am determined to get them right!!

It was then mid week and time for my water treadmill session, mum and I went happy hacking in the morning to stretch my legs, then after mum finished work- off to water treadmill we went. It’s my fourth session now, and I have got this sussed- but I don’t like that I have to wait until the end for my treats. The girls where discussing something about hill work next week- I have no idea how they are going to manage that, but I guess I will find out soon enough. Here is the link to my latest session:


My stable pal Vinnie moved yards last weekend, but he still comes to water treadmill with me so we get to catch up then. We also got to go happy hacking together on Saturday- he has only moved down the road. I thought our mums had lost their minds when they got their phones out trying to figure out where to go, and this strange voice started coming out the phone telling us to turn right, and left but I went with it. It took us to a busy country lane and while we were waiting to turn right two cars were wizzing down this narrow road and almost right in front of us hit each others wing mirrors off. I was a little startled by the noise, but didn’t run away, and watched as the wing mirror from one of the cars landed yards away from us. Both our mums seemed shocked by this, and decided we should trot down this road side by side to stop anyone from trying to go past us too fast. We only had a short distance on this road, and I was relieved when we were off it. We went past the farm mum grew up on, and she mentioned it was about 30 years ago!! Now I am only 7 years old, so this seems like a very long time ago- I had no idea mum was so old! We ended up being out for hours, and got caught in some heavy downpours but it was great to get out and about around the countryside πŸ™‚

I ended my week at Parwood today, mum wanted me to jump around a full course, and practice some more turns. Even if I do say so myself I think I did a FANTASTIC job today. I really took what went wrong at Bicton last weekend, and learnt from it. I realise now why mum wants me to listen, she knows where we are going! I did that today and we pulled off some pretty awesome turns, I didn’t touch a fence!!

We are off to Cherwell next weekend, and I can’t wait to get back in the ring and right the wrongs from last weekend. It would be great to hear any suggestions from you, with regards to my changes, as we are trying so hard and I am sure I am not the only horse ever to struggle with this. So if you have any exercises we can try let me know and we’ll give it a go. Until next week happy riding everyone πŸ™‚


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