In sickness and in health

I have had a fairly chilled week as mum hasn’t been feeling 100%, on Friday she was really sick, I didn’t think we were going to make it to the show we had planned- but thankfully we did with a little help from dad!

I had my fifth water treadmill session this week, and I went up a hill for the very first time. Most horses struggle with this, but not me, I powered through like nothing had changed. I love my treadmill sessions they are so much fun, now Vinnie has moved yards I am the only horse on the yard that goes, which makes me feel special. I was a little worried about Vinnie this week as he didn’t go on the treadmill, both our mums were quite concerned when we were there. Thankfully it has turned out to be a minor problem, and nothing to do with his old injury. Hopefully we will be back on track next week- all systems go! Here is a link to my latest treadmill session, you can see the platform has lifted at the bottom which creates the hill. I did wonder how that was going to happen- at least I have my answer now!


I am getting used to my Myler bit now, and I am finding listening to mums aids so much easier now the pressure on my tongue has gone. My flat work is coming on really well, and thanks to the water treadmill sessions I am so much straighter. I am starting to understand why mum wants me to be straight, I have so much more power than before. With my new bit I am starting to come off the forehand (old habits die hard) and in turn this is helping my changes.

We went to Cherwell Equestrian centre this weekend, and stayed away the one night. I am becoming quite the pro at staying away now. Mum always requests a stallion stable, as the first show we went to where I was put in a temporary stable- I just barged my way out on the first day breaking the door. Since I have been put in the permanent stables when we stay away I haven’t been able to do that again… which I think mum is happy about. Although when we arrived here mum tied me up to the side of the lorry with my haynet- to get the shavings and wheelbarrow off the lorry- as soon as I couldn’t see her I made a break for it and took myself for a walk round the car park (I was very stealth like she didn’t even hear me breakaway)- she wasn’t too impressed, but I don’t see what the problem was- I wasn’t galloping off, just taking a stroll around to check out my new surroundings.

Cherwell is an awesome show, and runs like clockwork. I haven’t been to another show where the collecting ring is run so well. The fences here are incredible and I always go just a little spooky in my first class, as you don’t see fences like this anywhere else!


Day one went well with a double clear in the 1.05m, I just missed out on a place. Then in the Newcomers mum rode like a prat- although to be fair to her she has been sick this week, and I think she was a little tired, so I did let her off making a plan all the way round until I thought I had finished then all of sudden a vertical was in front of me, and I just tapped it! I was annoyed, so jumped the last line huge to prove a point!

People always moan about having to muck me out, because I am so wet, and I don’t poo in one spot- but seriously who does? Surely no horse does this?! So when mum was skipping me out I decided to have a go at doing it myself. I couldn’t quite figure out the whole brush thing, mum just laughed so it didn’t really help me, but she says if I want to learn she is happy to teach me 🙂


Day two started off great with a double clear and 3rd place in the Discovery class. That is my last double clear needed for next year’s seconds rounds, so I am early in getting those done already. Then in the Newcomers mum made a mistake again- it really isn’t like her to be so silly, and I just had the penultimate fence down. I am feeling really confident around newcomers now, and I think mum is planning on moving me up to Foxhunter soon.

When I was warming up for the discovery today, I heard a few people get eliminated and mum was talking to a friend about it-people where jumping clear rounds and missing the finish line! Mum said she was always taught to spot the lines of the start and finish in your jump off, as classes can be won and lost there. I thought that was a good point and wanted to share with you guys, so you don’t end up jumping a great round for it not to count because you missed the timers!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend- until next time happy riding 🙂


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