Grid work is the best work!

I ended my week through a grid of bounces this week. Mum is keen to really get me using my hindquarters when I jump, as I tend to lead from the shoulder- she says I can only get away with this for so long, and as the fences get bigger I need to be using my hindquarters not shoulders to clear the fences. I did great today making a couple of mistake but on the whole staying straight and really thinking about what needed to be done. Mum puts 3 yards between the pole and fences and 3 and a half yard for the bounces- you might need to adjust the distance to suit you. Here is a pic of the grid we did today, um put the slanted poles in to keep me straight as I go through the grid.

After we jumped through this grid mum made it one and one stride going through with a little V on the vertical in the middle- just to get me thinking about combinations and jumping one part at a time- here’s a little video of that exercise:

Earlier this week I had my 6th session on the water treadmill, and now have my very own programme for hill work- which I think is very exciting- I must be important if I have my very own programme. They filled the treadmill incredibly high this week and I found it really hard work, but I kept my happy face on! Mum lent over while I was on the treadmill this week, and couldn’t believe how cold it was inside the treadmill- it made her realise how hard I was working!

Vinnie was back with me this week, which I was really happy about- although mum tried to load me in the partition with the monsters, so we could pick Vinnie up on the way instead of him having to walk to us. I am getting used to travelling in this partition, but I am still not convinced the monsters are safe. I know Vinnie is ok with them, but he is older than me, and I get scared on my own. Mum is determined I am going to learn to be ok on my own, so I guess I need to try really hard on this one for her! Here is a link to my treadmill session this week:


We had a happy hack this week, as well as a great pole work session. My changes are improving every week. It may be small but mum is easy to please with little changes, she feels any improvement is a win! So we will continue to work on them, but I actually did a true change to my left side this week- the first one I have ever achieved- you would have thought I won a gold medal the way mum reacted, so I know how to make her happy now 🙂

Mum got me a replacement for one of my favourite toys this week my bizzy bite lick (although I don’t know why it is a called a lick- as I just like to bite) Mum says this is the only toy I haven’t completely destroyed. I did figure out that if I wedge it between my hooves, I could undo the screw with my lips, but I couldn’t then figure out how it came apart- I just figured it would fall apart, but it didn’t. Mum has modified the toy with baler twine, so I can’t pull it apart which is really annoying but I still love trying to destroy it as quickly as I possibly can!

Mum has a couple of easy weeks planned for me- she says I have done a great job getting where I am and plans to move me up a step to a 1.15m class at my next show, so says I need to rest up and get ready for that in a couple of weeks. Until next time have a great week guys and happy riding 🙂



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