Hi, my name is Egg and I wanted to start documenting my show jumping career (mum is helping). I am a 7 year old British warmblood gelding by Cloud Nine (Ben Maher rode him). I’ve been with my mum since I was five years old (2015) and started my jumping career with her.

A few months after I moved to my mums place, I started to feel sore and tried to tell her by not going on the left canter lead- she didn’t really get it. I saw the physio which didn’t help, so made it clear to mum I wasn’t happy. A very long story cut short, it turned out that the vet found OCD in my stifles, as well as an asymmetric right hind fetlock joint. When I was a baby I injured the growth plate, which meant it didn’t grow properly.

My mum turned me out for 6 months to see if some time off would help (it did a little), then I came back into work but I still didn’t feel right. It took a bute trial, which the vet suggested to my mum, to help me work through my problems and be happy again. My mum found a great supplement to put me on which has really helped me as I can’t jump on bute.

I was back in work and happy again in August 2016, by November I was out jumping and qualified at my first show back for the Blue Chip Championships in the novice classes. I continued to jump double clear after double clear, just missing out on qualifying for the discovery at Blue Chip (mum didn’t go fast enough in the jump off- we just missed out on qualifying coming 9th when 8 qualify!).

I had a mini holiday over Christmas, and my mum started a new job in January which I decided I didn’t like as I hardly saw her for 3 months until she went back to her old job, and moved me to yard much closer to home which I love.

I’ve just stepped up to jumping Newcomers over the last weekend, and wanted to start a blog on progressing from the novice classes all the way up to Grand Prix!

My mum has lots of fun things planned for me and we will share our training tips along the way. I look forward to you joining me on my journey to becoming a Grand Prix Superstar.