Not my weekend

So mum bought me a salt lick on Thursday, I never really liked the ones I had at my old yard- mum hung it in my stable, and I wasn’t really interested in it, as suspected. But she asked another girl on the yard to keep an eye on it, as I do have a […]

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Jump off training

In preparation for the show this weekend mum set up the exercise belowThe black lines are all fences, and the blue dots are jumps wings (Apologies for the basic drawing- mum is no designer!) you can mix it up and put in a double if you like, or have more oxers etc. With our limited […]

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Accidents happen!

So this week didn’t quite go to plan, it started off well, and as planned mum and I worked on my flying changes. I really struggle with the whole concept of this, and after trying every exercise she knew, mum resorted to getting some advice from her friends. The first exercise was to turn on […]

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